Before buying any audio recording software, you should check out how that software works. The solution for this problem is the free trial versions of recording software that are available on the internet.


Do friends tell you that they like your singing? Or maybe you’re a talented guitarist? If so, don’t hesitate any longer and express your talent to a wider audience all over the world. A recording studio in your house is all you need.


A company by the name of Xmultiple has developed a new technology called FlashPoint which allows users to transfer files between flash drives, ‘Sharing-On-The-Go’ (SOTG), without the need of a laptop computer or cumbersome USB bridges. The new FlashPoint technology is integrated with Xmultiple’s ShareDrive line of USB flash memory pen drives. The ShareDrive is […]

Past few decades became memorable because of many inventions, and one of the coolest of them is the ability to watch movies at home. VHS tapes were invented first to record and playback movies, now it is the technology of DVDs that became more popular. [...]

I don’t think there is much disputing the fact that Sony has some of the most stylish laptops out on the market right except fort their bland colors (black & silver). Well that has all changed with the release of four news colors, white, pink, green and blue, in the Vaio F-type series. The specs […]

For all the gaming console enthusiasts, the X box 360 Elite is the most recent of all the consoles to come out of the Microsoft stable with unique options that take it a step ahead of the previous versions that Microsoft came up with. In case you want a complete thrilling gaming experience with no nonsense features, then the Xbox Elite is the perfect device for you to splurge on. And for those who do not have the resources to zero in on the product, there are versions of cheap xbox 360 elite as well. But when you buy the cheaper versions you will have to compromise with either the quality or a few components of the console.
There are many additional features to the cheap xbox 360 elite like the up gradation of the hard disk space to about 120 GB, the wireless controller sets, the HDMI cables and the headsets that accompany with the actual game. With the new edition of gaming, there are many variations such as the additions of the theme based gaming options where Motorbike themes, Modern Warfare themes, Football themes are all a part of the action that is included in the gaming console portal. These gaming stations were initially meant to be limited edition games but with the growing popularity, the makers started churning out cheap xbox 360 elite versions as well.
However, while buying the cheaper versions you will need to be really careful with the originality and the brand. While, it is okay to settle in for a second hand product because it is cheap, it is never acceptable to go in for the fake versions and imitations that flood the markets under the cheap xbox 360 elite schemes. So, exercise huge amounts of caution whenever you settle in for products through online sales.

Olympus has just released their new SP-700 digital camera that features a 7 mega pixel resolution, 3x optical zoom, and 3″ LCD screen. The camera also comes with “Compare & Shoot” technology that lets you compare photos that you have taken so you can readjust the quality for later shots. The SP-700 also comes packed […]

MPLAT has just released their second generation (first here) USB flash phone dubbed the FlashPhone F2k. The F2K features a built in mic and speaker which allows users to make internet class on any PC. This flashphone ships with software to support Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Xten, and SIP Phone calls. The flashphone currently comes […]

FujiFilm has just released the FinePix F11 digital camera. The FinePix F11 comes with 6.3 megapixels, 3x Optical Zoom lens, 2.5inch LCD monitor, 500-shot battery life, VGA movie capture of 30 frames per second with sound, and quick response times. The FinePix F11 Zoom will be available from UK retailers in November 2005. Pricing will […]

This nifty piece of technology is one of those things that isn’t absolutely necessary to have in your life but having one would shave a few minutes off your daily locker routine. The pad lock features an 8 foot range using infrared technology, 4 billion rolling security codes, metal casing, hardened steel shackle, and a […]

Minox has just announced the release of their latest digital photo album named the DMP-1. The DMP-1 weighs just 62 grams, measures in at a compact 75×52×15mm, features a 2’’ LCD display, and comes with 512MB of integrated flash memory. This storage device also features a mp3/wma player   recorder, FM radio, digital sound equalizer, […]

Check out the new MPIO FL300 necklace mp3 player and the review done at The Gadgeteer. The FL300 comes in 128MB, 256MB, and 1GB versions and comes in three different colors (red,blue or violet). The player also features a backlit LCD display, plug and play capability, built-in voice recorder, an integrated clock alarm, and 6 […]

IOGear has just release the Wi-Fi Detector which detects wifi signals up to 500 feet away in open space and also returns WLAN coverage and signal strength. Measuring in at 2.34 in x 0.35 in x 1.25 in the WiFi detector is small enough to carry around on your keychain or in your pocket. The […]

Mobile programs are produced for a number of systems including Symbian, Windows mobile, iPad, iphone development, Blackberry, as well as Android. The fascinating part is that mobile phone software development isn't limited to a single section. These types of varieties of developments cover a wide range of sectors like financial, video games, climate, news, education, business, and so on. When you use your mobile phone to determine the local weather, or in case you utilize it to ascertain the latest foreign exchange prices, you can ensure that the results furnished to you are as a result of mobile applications operating in the background. Developing a mobile phone software is a difficult job and requires a dedicated group who have understanding of operating systems used by mobiles, graphics, and much more. Once the application is prepared, it is analyzed thoroughly on various mobile sets to make sure that it works perfectly on all of them before launching it in the marketplace. The next occasion you play the keyboard on your mobile phone, say a silent thanks to the designer of that mobile software.